Call for Proposals: Field Notes

Canadian Jewish Studies Études juives canadiennes is soliciting pitches from prospective writers for a new section of the journal devoted to critical reviews of literary and artistic output relevant to the Canadian Jewish experience. “Field Notes” features essays on contemporary literary, cultural, intellectual, and communal events of interest, such as art and museum exhibitions, film and theatrical productions, popular fiction and nonfiction, memoirs and poetry, podcasts and digital humanities projects, and more.

We encourage non-standard academic writing (think the New York Review of Books, the Literary Review of Canada, or the Jewish Review of Books) and welcome pitches and inquiries from English- and French-language writers both inside and outside academia. The section is also open to other contributions, including research and teaching reflections written for a popular audience, literary travelogues, photo essays, etc.

We invite pitches of no more than 250 words that clearly state the subject of the proposed essay, where it lies at the intersection of “Canadian” and “Jewish,” its significance to the world of Canadian Jewry, and the critical approach the author expects to take. As a biannual publication (though one with a growing online presence), we discourage pitches about time-sensitive events but remain open-minded. If your pitch focuses on, say, an art show or play with a limited run, please briefly explain why the subject holds lasting significance.

Please include with your pitch one or two biographical sentences and links to previously published work. For previously unpublished writers, a sample paragraph from the proposed contribution is strongly encouraged.

We aim to promote a diversity of voices vis-à-vis gender, sexuality, race, religion, and region. Writers need not be based in Canada, hold Canadian citizenship, or identify as Jewish.

Pitches are accepted on a rolling basis. Please be mindful of our late autumn and early spring publication cycle. We will consider all pitches and respond to prospective writers in a timely manner.

Please direct pitches and inquiries to Joshua Tapper, managing editor of CJS Ejc, at