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Pro-Palestinian Encampments in Canada: Who are the Supporters and Opponents?

By Robert Brym and Jack Jedwab
May 31, 2024

The existence of pro-Palestinian encampments on university campuses in Canada is supported by just over 16 percent of the country’s adults, according to a Leger poll conducted in May 2024. Robert Brym, a University of Toronto sociologist, and Jack Jebwab, president of the Association for Canadian Studies, dive into the data and analyze the demographics and ideological underpinnings of the university encampment movement in Canada.

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Jews and Israel 2024 Survey: Ten Further Insights

By Robert Brym
May 30, 2024

“Jews and Israel 2024: A Survey of Canadian Attitudes and Jewish Perceptions,” published in the spring 2024 volume of Canadian Jewish Studies / Études juives canadiennes, attracted considerable attention, particularly in Canada’s Jewish community. Some readers of sociologist Robert Brym's report on the survey asked follow-up questions of sufficiently general interest to require answers in a public forum. 

Brym has selected ten questions that he found especially intriguing. Each question is followed by a reply based mainly on secondary analysis of the 2024 data. 

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