“Wandering is your fate”: Esther Shumiatcher-Hirschbein Writing Across Boundaries

Faith Jones


This essay provides an overview of the life and creative work
of Esther Shumiatcher-Hirschbein, Yiddish poet and wife of
Yiddish playwright Peretz Hirschbein. Shumiatcher-Hirschbein
was a Jewish immigrant to Calgary at the turn of the twentieth
century, and a member of a family that contributed in various
ways to Canadian culture. Shumiatcher-Hirschbein left Canada
with her husband, entering into a life of adventure and travel,
and coming in contact with bohemian and artistic Yiddish
circles around the world. Shumiatcher-Hirschbein’s poetry,
its reception by critics, and its relationship to her biography are
all examined.

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